Whew, updates! Yes, I have revamped kiari.com yet again. I couldn’t help it. What’s new?

– tweaking with the frames again, going back to 3 frames
– cartoon doll part of the Kiari’s Corner logo!
– revised the “about me” page
– imbedded the Zack quote “But how could I forget… a single thing about you? How could I?”

Hopefully the embedded wav file doesn’t freeze out any of my visitors. That would suck!

Yes, so instead of catching up on all my emails (which is worse since I have 5 main email addys… or so…), I spent much too much time revamping Kiari’s Corner. I’m hopeless, I know! Oh well, I have lots of time this week. I’m on VACATION!!! LOL!

And what are my plans? Lots of laziness, hopefully some housecleaning, turning 30 at the Coliseum aka “The Net,” waiting impatiently to find out “who will be the ulitmate survivor?” (GO COLBY!!!), Southern California with a bunch of Xenites. The exciting stuff comes towards the end of the week. But I surely intend on savoring every moment of it…