One of my convention moments has been captured and posted online! The Privateers Official Site has video clips from the Pasadena Xena convention and one is of me and Karl Urban. Wowsers, what are the chances of that? LOL!

The long way there: The long way there-, click on Enter, click on Picture Gallery, click on Xena 2001- Xena convention. A whole bunch of pictures should start loading, but click on “Click Here for Videos” and you’ll get a list of .mpg files. Find the one that says “Karl Urban at the Booth Part 2” (it’s in the second column). Click on that, wait for it to load, and there you go! LOL

There are also some nice pictures of the Privateers folks, including Scott Levy. Can you tell he’s one of my favorites? 🙂 There’s also a video interview of him…