Hopefully no one’s really noticed, but I’ve moved kiari.com to a new webhost! 🙂

At this very moment, my Karl page is being uploaded. And I’ve still got to load the rest of my Kevin site. (The main parts are there, but the images pages are not yet uploaded.)

It’s a tedious task, but it had to be done. The question, of course, is why? Why have I cancelled my Yahoo! Websites account and started with OLM.net? Here’s the reply to that one when one of my friends asked me:

I was hoping someone would ask. Well, Yahoo finally got to converting my Simplenet account to a Yahoo one. They put me in their Starter Package, which only gives 100 MB. My site is at 340MB! And it’s going to keep growing, if I keep adding more fellows. Anyhoo, as much as I’ve enjoyed their service, I realized it’s time to move on to a different webhost with more webspace. I’m moving it to http://olm.net. I’ve seen their commercials for a couple of years now and when I was checking stuff out at CNET, I followed a link to OLM’s site. For $9.95 a month, I’ve got 500MB, 50 email addys (I doubt I’ll use them all for myself… LOL!), the ability to do cgi stuff (not that I know a thing about it!), etc. For me, it was the webspace (which I can add to, of course) and the price. I was paying $25 a month before!

So there you have it. 🙂

Oh, voting in the Dear to Ryan site wars has begun! Go to my Ryan page and vote. 🙂

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG! Yes, it’s Greg’s 29th birthday today. Hope you’re having a great one!