christmas in my heart

I know it should not matter if we don't have the means to buy anything
for anyone for Christmas, but it really is a downer to not even be able
to pick up a few things for the people that matter at this time of
year.  I know I could take the high road and just say it's the thought
that counts, it's the doing or being good that truly reflects the
meaning of this time of year.  But darn it, I like giving gifts!  I
have the damnedest time trying to find gifts for people, but not even
being able to go out there and look just irritates me.

We never
decorate our place for the holidays.  The only vestiges of Christmas
cheer come in whatever cards pass through our mailbox or whatever music
I play when I'm wrapping gifts or doing the cards.  I've been all right
with that most of these years, but I think now that I can't do certain
things, I miss it.  I'm not really doing cards, though I'll probably
try to at least send to those who send to me.  As for gifts, I should
learn how to bake!

The song by The Jets, "Christmas in my Heart" keeps playing in my head and I'm feeling a lot of the lyrics right now.

there's a feeling in the air
that I'd really like to share…

well.  Maybe I'll try to do a little webpage to send some holiday
cheer.  Or send individual emails.  Or maybe individual emails with
little pictures!  Hmmm.