trials of a tech gadget geek

I love my tech gadgets.  Such wonderful toys for grown-ups out there.  Not too long ago, I was known to sport a couple of cell phones, an ipod, a digital camera, etc. all on my person.  I would have the latest gadgets to enjoy.  It made for fun, though perhaps expensive, times.  I oftentimes changed phones at a rather alarming rate.

These days I’m down to one phone, though I still have my digital camera and the ipod.  And it’s truly killing me!  As much as I love my Blackberry Curve (and I do), I feel the itch for something new.  Naturally, the Blackberry Storm is high on my list.  Everytime I see a Blackberry Storm ad, I want one.  I’ve read the reviews and they’re mixed, but I still want one.  I think part of it is that I just want something new.

Now I’m reading about the Samsung Omnia for Verizon.  It has a 5.0 megapixel camera, which totally entices me.  I have a thing for camera phones that can take nice pictures.  I had a Sony and Nokia phone that took fantastic pictures.  Alas, I miss those days a bit.  But I am wary of the Windows Mobile OS.  Not sure why.  Maybe I’ve had a Blackberry too long now.