I miss writing for strangers

I have posted everyday (pretty much) at my Livejournal for the past three years.  Most of the daily posts have been lines of poetry with a few bits of my days thrown in here and there.  I know my audience there.  I read their LJs and post comments and I feel comfortable posting there.  But even with the daily writing, I feel that I’ve been lazy in bringing some substance to my daily journaling.

I don’t say much about my day.  I post pictures, I write poems, but I don’t share very often what’s going on in my life or in my head.  I feel as though I’ve closed myself off in some ways even though I post every single day.  I write, but what am I really saying?

Maybe writing everyday has made me realize that not much is going on with me.  But really, it’s not true.  Things are happening.  I see and hear and feel things that are worthy of recording for my own personal history at the very least.  The sun rises and the sun sets and things happen in between.  So why not tell it?

I’m glad that I’m at least keeping up with the poetry writing.  I know that somehow I will eek out at least a haiku off the top.  It’s become second nature to me.  And I like it.

I do like writing here though.  I must have decided at some point that this would be the place for me to write to strangers.  I don’t think anyone really reads this place of mine and I don’t know that I’ll keep it when the free time is up, but I do like writing here.  I think I know that it will eventually merge with my Moonlit Jazz blog and MJazz will become the place for pictures and insights better left off of Livejournal.

Yes, I do miss writing for strangers.  I miss just writing for me and not thinking of who might be reading.  I miss just letting go of my words and not caring what they may convey about me.

And this is why I write here.