domain woes

My first domain was  I still have it.  I will likely always have it.  As such, I’ve done my best to keep the domain in tip top shape by having it hosted at an affordable yet reliable webhost.

Vizaweb is not that webhost.

I started up with Vizaweb a few years ago and for a long while it served its purpose well.  But the past couple of years have been a bit rough.  Even though I knew I shouldn’t, I renewed last November and was promptly locked out of my site for a week or so.  In fact, Vizaweb’s domain went down as well.  It all came back up eventually and everything seemed fine.

Last week (crap, has it been a week already?) I noticed that my site was slow.  I logged into my cPanel and noticed that I was apparently over in diskspace.  But wait, I had a limit of 2GB?  Yet how can that be when their lowest package is something like 10GB of webspace and I pay more than the lowest package?

I sent a support ticket and have yet to hear anything from them.  Can you believe that?  Well, I can’t.  Whenever I email my other webhost (for, I hear something within the day if not sooner.  But Vizaweb?  No, not at all.  I have not heard anything and it’s been a week.  What the heck?!  I tried calling their 800 number and it sounds like it doesn’t even belong to them anymore.  Luckily I still have one of their regular numbers.  Got voicemail, of course.  I think they’re disappearing.

So I’m spending my free time trying to get as much off my domain as I can.  It’s taking so long.  But I’m determined.  The plan is to move everything to my domain.  I hope that works.  I’ll have to up the webspace on that one, but it should be worth it.  I hope.