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let me ramble on my way

Frank Sinatra – Classic Sinatra – Young at Heart

I just feel like writing.  I wonder if it’ll turn into anything coherent.  Perhaps not.

The last cupcake

I ate the last cupcake at work.  The cupcakes were leftover from yesterday’s DELICIOUS and filling lunch to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  I think the cupcake helped me in the unusual 9-hour workday.  I know, I shouldn’t balk about a 9-hour workday.  It will be quite worth it come Friday and it’s half day.

My sister felt the baby move.  How exciting is that?  I think it’s exciting.  I only wish that she and her husband lived closer so that I could see her at least every month.  I miss my sister.  I want to see her grow big.  I keep telling her to take pictures but I have yet to see one of her pregnant!

I might have another after I eat my lunch

I’m going backwards with the pictures.  Pictured are the last six cupcakes.  I’m not sure I can tell which one ended up being mine.

Spring is coming!  Wait, it’s really almost here.  This weekend?  I think so.  Wow, my favorite season is almost upon us and I feel so ill prepared!

Time to get ready to watch LOST.  Gosh, that show has me HOOKED.