neglectful fangirl

I finally moved my kiari.com domain to my other webhost.  But have I started rebuilding my sites?  NO.  Why?  I'm a lazy chick.

site for all things William Gregory Lee!  And yet I wasn't smart enough
to back up the WordPress database.  But I still have the information
saved.  I have to do a total rebuild of that site and I haven't
started.  I feel bad.  I guess I'm a bit lucky that Greg has been quiet
on the workfront for now.  I hope he doesn't think badly of me.  Alas.

site for all things Erik Thomson!  In this case, I had enough foresight
to run a backup of the WordPress database.  Thank goodness!  Now I just
need to re-load all the images for the gallery.  But at least the other
stuff is still there.  I know people check the site out every once in
awhile, so I need to get moving on that site.

feel like doing a total overhaul of my kiari.com site.  After all, it's
been mine since 1998.  Over ten years!  Yowsa!  My problem is that I
have this unnatural attachment to the opening image.  I think it's
super lovely and exactly what I want to show off for my site.  But it's
getting old too and perhaps belongs in the archives now.  I don't know.  I'm confused.  My creativity is so shot!