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two things utterly unrelated


The other night Chris Conrad appeared in one of my dreams.  I don't get it!  I had just watched a movie with Chris Evans (PUSH) and I'm currently fascinated with Chris Pine (of STAR TREK).  So why did I dream of Chris Conrad?  So odd!
Oh, I just admitted I'm fascinated with Chris Pine.  Great.  As if I need another fella to watch, right?  Right.  Still, it's fun having someone new to check out.  The feeling of discovery is addicting.  So far I've liked the stuff I've read on Chris Pine.  He seems to have a great work ethic and a commitment to his projects.  And yes, he's easy on the eyes.  Pretty boy?  Perhaps, but not as pretty as Jensen Ackles.  There, I said it.
As for Chris Evans, I always enjoy his work.  I liked PUSH a lot more than I thought I would and I must attribute that to Chris Evans.  He's got a nice sauciness.  He might even be prettier than Chris Pine.  But if I had to choose, well…
As for Mr. Chris Conrad, I'm still not sure why I dreamt of him.  I thought my regard for him had faded long ago.  Out of sight, out of mind when it comes to my fellas.  Terrible.  Alas.
On the techie front, I am quite fascinated with Google Voice.  One phone number to rule them all!  And my new phone number ROCKS.  I just don't know what to do with it.  I am quite enamored with my cell phone number and I don't really want to have everyone change their info for me because I will still have my cell phone number for as long as I can.  But as I said, my new phone number ROCKS.  The last five digits spell NOBLE.  How cool is that?!
The other thing I LOVE about Google Voice is the fact that I can sms my Canadian friend and it's freakin' FREE.  You see, AT&T decided sometime last year to charge TWENTY-FIVE cents for each text message sent to Canada.  What kind of CRAP is that?!  Needless to say, I was quite upset (as was the husband since he's the one who caught it on our phone bill).  So my friend in Canada could still text me (incoming texts are free for me), but I had to reply in a round about way (I emailed her phone number with my replies).  It worked but it was awkward.  Now that I have my Google Voice number I can text my Winnepeg buddy from either my phone (the number she texts from shows as a number in Denver) or online!  It's clever and most wonderful and for now it's FREE.
Life is good.