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In an effort to resurrect kiari.com, I’m going to try a “highlights of the week” in regards to this site and the rest of my online adventures. Hey, it’s worth a try, eh? 😉

KIARI.COM = Nothing exciting to report. My to-do list is ever present and I do plan on updating both Erik Thomson Central and William Gregory Lee Online. I’m sorry I haven’t been more diligent since the move to the new webhost. I’m still quite bitter about the whole Vizaweb business. A story for another day…

The two sites I update daily are Shady Satin (my livejournal) and Moonlit Jazz (my project365). And since the photos at Moonlit Jazz come from Flickr, my Flickr site is always updated daily. I’m not really that interesting and I’ve found that it’s really for my own recall.

Photo of the Week – From August 1, 2009

Today’s poem (originally posted here) –
maybe I don’t need you
standing there so pretty
every move temptation flickers
mocking this facade of control
maybe I don’t need you
teasing with such a smile
lighting those dreamy eyes
straight for my soul
maybe I don’t need you
pretending you’re the one
waiting for me to admit
I’m the one waiting too