oh such a long day

maybe tomorrow
the sun will reveal the path
to follow ahead

I’m watching CHUCK. I LOVE this show!!!

Again with the jury duty today. I was apprehensive, hoping that I wouldn’t get chosen yet thinking that I might. Ugh!

While waiting outside the courtroom, I ran into a Brentwood PD officer I know and we ended up chatting for awhile. Small world, eh? It helped to pass the time talking with him. He was there for a different trial.

At 10:30 or so, the deputy came out for us. Twenty one of us got numbers and I was one of them!

= me

I was so glad to have a number. I thought that either I would know I would be on the jury or I would know I was getting out of it. Oh, and I had a designated seat for the rest of the day. lol!

The judge asked each numbered juror questions and she got to juror #11 when we broke for lunch. Bah! At least it was a nice day. After eating at McDonald’s, I sat outside the courthouse and enjoyed the sun.

A most lovely day just outside the courthouse

Back into the courtroom at 1:30, the judge continued asking questions of each juror. My turn came and went quickly enough. After the judge, the district attorney had his go, then the plantiffs’ attorneys. It went on SO LONG. But I suppose this is how they figure out which jurors to choose.

Finally, some time after 4pm, the time came for musical chairs. The judge dismissed three jurors and I was among the ones to move forward to chair #8. I was probably in the seat for less than five minutes before the prosecutor chose me to leave. I WAS SO HAPPY. I do believe I took a big sigh of relief as I walked out the door.

So yeah, I’m not going to be on the jury. THANK GOODNESS!!!

All in all, it was an interesting experience with the best end for me. lol! It’s interesting how people either don’t understand or don’t want to understand the questions posed by the judge and the attoneys. Ye gods!

I wonder what helped me to get dismissed. I was honest as far as I know. I should feel bad about being rejected but I’m not at all. 😉

I just found out that my Meggie passed away today. I loved you, my girl.

day073: Visiting with Meggie