remembering Meggie

first days with Meggie

I like to picture you
running happy and free
barking in the sunshine
cooling off beneath a tree
it’s so easy to picture you
resting with such ease
snoring into the night
dreaming with such peace
I know that I will miss you
the joy shining in your eyes
I’ll remember you with love
cherishing all those happy times

Meggie 1997-2010


Meggie was our first dog together. She was a black labrador retriever and two years old when she came into our lives in 1999. We were living in our first house in Hayward and we were ready for a dog of our own. From the very first days, Meggie was a great dog. She had a lot of energy and zest for life and she settled into our routine quickly. I am so glad that whoever had her for her first two years trained her so well. Meggie was a loving and loyal dog who liked everyone.


When Saffy our Yorkshire terrier entered our lives a year later, Meggie treated her gently. Saffy grew up thinking she was a big dog because of her sister Meggie. Saffy was the mouth and Meggie was the muscle. Meggie did her best to teach Saffy good habits but Yorkies can be stubborn and Saffy is no different.


Meggie and Saffy moved with us from Hayward to Salida. I think Meggie enjoyed those Salida days well enough. During our last six months there, Holli the dachshund joined our family. Meggie had to throw some tough love at Holli, snapping at her sometimes but the dachshund was undaunted. I think Meggie tolerated Holli and knew that the little black and tan dog would do as she wanted.

december 2005

Meggie was last with us in Discovery Bay. We didn’t let the dogs out into the backyard too often (they had a nice doggie run in which to handle their business) but when we did let them roam the grass, they were in heaven. I think Meggie loved the open view and running around with the other dogs. She was so happy, even as the years began to weigh on her.

meggie & saffy
Meggie and Holli
Meggie loves the outdoors
Meggie sitting about
doggies at rest

Meggie wasn’t without her health issues. She had bad ears and at one point had to have surgery to reconstruct her ear canals. She looked so sad in that doggie cone but hopefully it helped her a bit. She would always have the ear issues, which I understand plagues labradors. In her later years, her easy gait would become cumbersome and she would move slower and stiffly as her hip dysplasia kicked in.

When we moved to Brentwood, we couldn’t take her with us. It truly broke my heart that we had to give her to the in-laws to live out the rest of her days. I felt as though we failed Meggie by not being able to keep her but she went to a good home with two Yorkies who took to her. The first couple of times we visited her after our move, I wanted to cry because I missed her. But Meggie was always happy to see us.

visiting meggie
visiting meggie
visiting meggie

We housesat once while Meggie lived in Livermore and she came to our house for a week last year. It was nice having her here with us (along with the two Livermore Yorkies). I think Saffy was happy to be with her big sister.

visiting with her sisters

The last time we saw Meggie, we knew it could likely be the last. She was in obvious discomfort yet she was happy to see us, I think. I didn’t really want to believe that it would be the last time we’d her but I did take pictures and a video of her while we visited. I didn’t say a proper goodbye. I probably would have cried if I had thought about it too much.

Visiting with Meggie
the last time we saw Meggie…

Meggie passed away on March 22, 2010. When I found out, I cried. And because it was right before bedtime, I ended up crying myself to sleep. I’m sad that she’s gone. I’m sad that she had to suffer so much. I wish she had not had to suffer in the end. She deserved better than that. I’m sad my Meggie girl is gone, but I’m glad that she’s running around in sunshine somewhere with green grass and blue skies and tall trees. I hope she knows how much we loved her.


We’ll miss you, Meggie…

Meggie and Holli
doggies on the 1st
enjoying the sunshine