friday goodness

heralding the spring
green grass waits for the first step
the crack of the bat

I am watching the A’s on tv and they are showing a lot of hustle, leading the Angels 4-1 at the moment. I’m going to just try and enjoy every game I can without a thought of their record or what not. I also need to get to know some of the new players. I see some unfamiliar faces. lol!

Things TV! Perhaps there will be spoilers. You are warned.

V – More Charles Mesure means more yummy goodness. There, I said it. But seriously, this show is keeping me hooked. The boy is getting less annoying and I want to know what alien Anna has planned. She’s hardcore. lol! Oh, and Nicholas Lea playing the ex-husband so works for me. It’s good to see him on tv. Yah!

FlashForward – Ugh, Janis is the mole?! Come on, what the hell is that all about? I don’t like it at all and I don’t see how it’s even possible. But I’ll keep watching because of Jack Davenport, Joseph Fiennes, and Sonya Walger. And I want to know what happens to Demetri Noh. Will he die?

Justified – I must seriously reiterate the fact that I would not watch this show if someone other than Timothy Olyphant was playing Raylan Givens. He makes the show. I like how they don’t stay too entrenched in Kentucky. I liked last week’s episode (we haven’t watched this week’s yet). Raylan didn’t wear his hat too much in the ep. lol!

Human Target – Everyone should watch next week’s episode (the season finale). Timothy Omundson guest stars and he does a great turn on the show. So watch it! Besides him, the show is pretty fun and adventurous. I like adventurous! This week’s episode with the princess was good. πŸ˜‰

Fringe – I can’t wait until Peter finds about who he is. There will be hell to pay! This week’s ep seemed a little “monster of the week” but tied in with Olivia’s past, so I guess it’ll do. Oh, and Diane Kruger had a cameo! LOL!

LOST – After Richard Alpert, Desmond is my second favorite character on the show. He is one of the most compelling characters on the show and the fact that he’s “special” just rocks. What does he know now? Is he living in both realities? How the hell are they going to tie everything up in a few short weeks? YE GODS!

Chuck – This was a great episode! It was written to be the season finale but lucky us we get more eps after this one. lol! It was the right end for Shaw though I am a little sad about him. I did like him even if he seemed a bit too perfect. And finally, Sarah and Chuck!!! I need to post the videos from WonderCon. I wonder if I got the part where Zachary Levi talked about the Eiffel Tower. πŸ˜‰

Darn, I watch way too many shows and I still need to catch up on Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Yipes!

But right now, I’m watching my A’s. LET’S GO A’S!!!