little bit of everything


is it so easy to forget
every tinge of sharp regret
buried within your memories
pushing aside your destiny
is it so easy to accept
all the tears that you have wept
twisting tight your broken heart
ripping all your dreams apart
is it so easy to let go
rise up quick from all your woe
look back once and say goodbye
then step ahead without asking why

The weather today was odd. It started off very cloudy then rained really hard then cleared up a bit then sprinkled then cleared up. All the while the wind blew cold and strong. I didn’t mind it. I like that kind of chaos.

Things TV means possible spoilers if you watch the shows I mention. You’re warned!

CHUCK – So begins the last six episodes of the season. A great ep, of course! I love how Chuck and Sarah have finally gotten together! And oh how they enjoy each other. Nice! 😉 I hope the writers don’t pull them apart too quickly. I want to watch them go through all the awkwardness and certainty of their relationship while being spies… Jeffster was oddly good in this ep. Well, I found them pleasing anyway… Ellie and Captain Awesome, please don’t stay away too long!… It’s good to see Casey taking Morgan under his wing. This should be lots of fun. 😀

V – I must say, this show better not end the season with a huge cliffhanger because I will be super pissed if it doesn’t get renewed and we have no resolution. Ugh! That said, this week’s episode wasn’t so bad. I’m glad Val is gone (even though I like having a character with my name on a show I watch) because she was getting annoying! I hope Hobbs sticks around because I like watching Charles Mesure. Gosh, he’s keeping in shape. 😉 And seriously, is Chad Decker really going to help Anna the crazy V?! Or did the surgery somehow wire him to be on her side? Hmmmm.

STARGATE UNIVERSE – A lot of the times I feel reluctant to watch the show but while I’m watching it, I’m totally hooked. Last week’s ep was Rush-heavy and definitely gave a lot of insight into his motivations. The actress playing his wife looked so familiar and the hubby looked her up and she was on CSI! Of course, without the British accent, which was probably another reason I couldn’t place her. Anyhoo, the ep, “Human” was pretty good. What’s going to happen to the team left behind? And why can’t I shake the notion that Brian J. Smith (Matthew Scott) looks so much like Greg Lee?!

(I should include pictures here but I’m too lazy. lol!)

JUSTIFIED – I just want to say I can’t stop watching Timothy Olyphant. Justified is a good show. I hope he stops sleeping with that Ava chick. No good can come from that woman. 😛