rest in peace

while the rain fell
from skies so dark
did you see only misery
hovering on the horizon
did your path show this end
the ultimate obliteration
to unrelenting demons
raging for your soul
while the wind howled outside
did your heart match the chaos
heeding such a call
so irresistible and relentless
did you forget the light still shining
did you feel nothing in the end
while the rain fell
from skies so dark
mingling with steady tears
for the dreams now lost

Someone I knew from high school and later from work died on Sunday. I cried when I found it was him because he was someone that I knew, even if it has been years since I’ve seen him. I can still remember the sound of his voice and how dorky he could be. It just doesn’t seem possible that the person I knew would end the way that he did.

I hope he’s found peace. My heart goes out to his family and friends…