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ah yes, Friday

he’s hotshe’s giddyhe’s mysteriousshe’s intriguedhe’s aggressiveshe’s willinghe’s determinedshe’s temptedwhat would it take to have herhe wonderswill he make the moveshe pondershe’s waitingshe’s readyhe’s decidingshe’s smilinghe’s movingshe’s watchinghe’s stoppingshe’s breathingnow is the momentthey realizeone heart beat from twoone word the triggernow is the momentone touch the keyone kiss the beginningnow is the time I’ve been in… Read More ah yes, Friday

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rekindled fangirl fire

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this way. The delicious rush of fangirl longing, the constant simmer of anticipation. Actually, it hasn’t been that long. Perhaps a year? When did my Jeffrey Dean Morgan fascination begin to manifest? This time, it’s actually someone I’ve met. Someone who impressed me from the moment he took the… Read More rekindled fangirl fire