ah yes, Friday

he’s hot
she’s giddy
he’s mysterious
she’s intrigued
he’s aggressive
she’s willing
he’s determined
she’s tempted
what would it take to have her
he wonders
will he make the move
she ponders
he’s waiting
she’s ready
he’s deciding
she’s smiling
he’s moving
she’s watching
he’s stopping
she’s breathing
now is the moment
they realize
one heart beat from two
one word the trigger
now is the moment
one touch the key
one kiss the beginning
now is the time

I’ve been in a writing mood lately. Except I just want to write about my fella crushes. I’ve rearranged my “list” and the results might surprise a few. Not sure if I’m ready to share quite yet. I haven’t decided about my top two yet. I know, right? I’m surprised myself. Do you know how difficult it is to choose just ten?

“so many men, so little time…” 😉

I did post my little essay, Rekindled Fangirl Fire. You can read it at my typepad or kiari.com. I don’t feel like re-posting it here since it’s already at kiari.com. Read it and you’ll find out which fella is currently gracing my unwritten stories. 😉

Oh geez, I haven’t talked about last night’s TV watching!!!

Spoilers? Well yes, if you haven’t watched the latest eps of the following yet…

FRINGE – A great Peter episode. I think Joshua Jackson is just fantastic so having an ep featuring mostly him works fine with me. Peter is alone, running away but to what he knows not. A little town in the Pacific Northwest stalls him and he’s pulled into an investigation that seems targeted towards him. When the case is finally solved, it just seems as if it’s a regular old crazy case until the end. Until the moment Thomas Newton is pointing a weapon at him and the “Secretary” walks in. A man from the other reality, Peter’s reality. WALTER FREAKIN’ BISHOP!!!

I did the cover my mouth and yell “OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!!” What a fantastic twist! What happens next? What is their plan? Will Peter realize he belongs in our world? And wow, the preview for the next episode looks just as incredible. YES, the other reality! And did you all see the other Olivia?! This should be sooooo interesting!!!

So yeah, Fringe. Insane. I love it.

FlashForward – Is the universe really going to push back? Will Demetri end up dead? Is he living on borrowed time? James Callis as Gabriel McDow is BRILLIANT. Everytime he’s on screen I’m just brimming with questions and possible theories. He was a great addition. What secrets are locked in him? Does he really think he can “correct” the timeline?

Happy Town – We’re giving this show a shot. It’s been interesting so far. I hope it gets better. I’m giving maybe two more eps before I call it quits. I like Geoff Stults though, so maybe I’ll stick around for him. I like mystery but I need a little more to hook me. I do like Sam Neill’s character. He’s quite interesting. And what’s with the sheriff? Why has he gone nuts?

Shout outs to my friends!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]bitchtude! I hope that it was a good day, given the circumstances.

I miss my CRFFFA! We used to text each other but her carrier had to go and suck and charge for texting to the US (she’s in Canada). Anyhoo, I miss you! Email is fun but not as fun as texting. Alas!


And that’s my dog Holli, just because…