hinting something

there’s a gleam in your eyes
hinting something naughty
while your smile widens innocent
your words drip like honey
there’s promise in your touch
leading fast to temptation
my only question is this
do I accept the invitation

Television and how I watch too much of it. Spoilers abound!

LOST – I just don’t know what to say. I CRIED. Shock shook me when Sayid took the bomb and ran and then exploded. Tears streamed down my cheeks as Jin decided he would stay with Sun. I cried a little more when Kate said to Jack, “I couldn’t find you, I couldn’t find you!” And then when Jack told them Jin and Sun didn’t make it and Hugo broke down, I broke down too.

Damn you, LOST. Just damn you.

I thought it a great episode. Such heartbreak and sorrow. And maybe just a bit of hope? I hope that some of the characters live out their lives in the flash sideways. Perhaps the final candidate will see to it somehow…

V – I really seriously think that the only thing keeping me from tossing this show aside is Charles Mesure. Oh, and Elizabeth Mitchell and Joel Gretsch and Morena Baccarin. lol! I love the actors on this show but the story is just really dragging for me. I feel like Erica is going to snap any minute now. Father Jack slipped and had to deal with a little guilt. Anna is CRAZY! “Break her legs.” She told a henchmen of hers to break her daughter’s legs. Who does that? Anna is hardcore. But I watch for Mr. Kyle Hobbes. If you can’t figure out why, well, you don’t know me very well. 😉

Vampire Diaries – Ahhh, shows of guilty pleasure. Vampire Diaries is such a show for me. It was an interesting ep, the one where we see how the Salvatore brothers transitioned into vampires they are today. I didn’t like the end and seeing Pearl die like that. Darn it, I liked her!