if it’s meant to be

if it’s meant to be
destiny will show her hand
guiding every step
upon this path
if it’s meant to be
the stars will align
perfectly in tune
showing every sign
if it’s meant to be

You know, I might go back to titling my posts based on whatever poem I write. LOL!

Spoilers if you haven’t watched the latest Chuck, Lost, V, and whatever the hell else I’ve watched. Ummm, Stargate Universe. Oh, am I really going to talk about all those shows? LOL!

Stargate Universe – I think it’s cool that Lt. Scott, Eli, and Chloe made it back to Destiny but the way they did just seemed a bit contrived. I hope they elaborate more than what we got. Geez! I’m always surprised by how much I like the show when I’m watching it. lol!

Chuck – Oh hell, I think it’s time for Ellie to find about the men in her family. There’s no way she can’t know for too much longer, right? It was great seeing Anna again. I loved how Morgan didn’t have the time of day for her. I knew she’d want him back. And good for him saying no! I’m glad Chuck isn’t crazy. But wow, his dreams! And Shaw, really?! I hope he’s not really alive. I hope Chuck’s head is just playing crazy tricks on him. Oh, and if they ever bring in Mama Bartowski, I think Lynda Carter should play her. Doesn’t anyone else think that Sarah Lancaster (Ellie) looks like Ms. Carter? I do!

LOST – I’ve really savored all the episodes this last season of Lost but I was a little “meh” about this episode. I liked the explanation behind the skeletons (and oh goodness, did Kate really have that much make up in season one?!) but the story fell a little flat for me. I think it’s just the timing of the ep. It would have gone great with the Richard episode, either before or after. Yet even though I though the episode was just okay, I think I did need the lull after last week’s epic episode. I don’t think I’m quite recovered from it. lol!

V – I say this everytime I write about this show ever since it came back from break– Charles Mesure is the big draw for me with this show. Yes, I adore Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, and Joel Gretsch but Charles is really keeping me watching. Seriously. I wish I was still a crazy fangirl type (wait, I’m not?) who did screencaptures and soundbytes from shows. I can think of a few lines from last night’s ep that I wouldn’t mind having (“My pleasure” is one of them). Besides Mr. Kyle Hobbes, I also like the Jacob character. I LOVED the look he gave Lisa while they were all supposed to be enjoying Anna’s “bliss.” How long is Erica going to walk this crazy tightrope of being one of the 5th Column and hunting them? And really, she’s going to use her son? Ye gods!… I’ll keep watching this show as long as Charles is part of the cast or it gets cancelled. 😉