LOST: The End

Spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet….


I loved the end of LOST. I loved it because it moved me to tears and a bit of laughter and offered clarity and resolution to the characters and story. The spiritual realizations resonated with me in a way that surprised me. When it was over, I did have that sense of hope and completion. And so I loved it.

That said, I can absolutely understand why people might have been disappointed with the end.

Most of the end felt like an epilogue, the after stories of the main plot. The moments of remembrance were woven into the actual end of their time on the island. To me, those moments enriched the present time action. But for many, I’m sure it just seemed superfluous and unnecessary. Did we really need to see all those flashes? I’d answer that with yes.

My favorite moments…

Richard’s not dead!!! – I actually put my hands to my heart when Richard came on screen, NOT DEAD. I guess I really loved that character that much. And his first gray hair made me laugh and tear up a bit. He finally gets to LIVE on his own terms. I’m so glad he got off the island and I wonder if love found its way to him again…

Jin & Sun – I BAWLED when they died in a previous episode. When Juliet walked in to check up on the baby, I knew this would be the moment they would remember everything and they did. The love and tenderness was so wonderful.

Juliet & James – I loved everything about their reunion. The realization in their eyes, their kiss, everything just made me cry. It was just beautiful.

Jack’s last moment – As he stared up into the sky, dying, with Vincent at his side, I knew it was right but I still felt sad. When he smiled as he saw the plane fly into his view, I cried a little. When he closed his eyes, the moment was perfect.

I could probably say more but truthfully I’m a little numb about the whole thing. I want to watch the episode again, soak it in and maybe shed a few more tears.

I’m glad to have watched the show all these years. It was wild, mindbending ride and I don’t think there’s another show out there right now equal to LOST. It is a rich and encompassing story with unforgettable characters. Maybe I’ll watch it again someday…

love has not limits
reaching into forever
the heart knows no bounds