tossing aside fate

what mockery now
destiny laughs at my dreams
tossing aside fate

Things TV!

Watch out!

Spoilers may follow!

LOST – I don’t even know how I feel about this episode. It felt like the segue it was and yet so many things happened. What did I like best? Hmmmm…

  • The tease regarding David’s mom aka Jack’s ex-wife in the sideways life – I guess we’re going to find out who she is at the recital? I think if it’s *not* Juliet, I will be SHOCKED. lol!
  • Ben returning to his old way – Is he conning Smokey Locke? He gives me chills but I love what he did. So evil! But then there’s the whole giving Miles the walkie talkie, “In case I need you.” Hmmm…
  • The death of Widmore’s right hand woman – I found her annoying and was glad Smokey slit her throat. She was so irritating! What the hell was her purpose?!
  • Ben shooting Widmore – Vengeance was his!
  • Fireside chat between Jacob & the candidates – I like Jacob and I was glad to see him this one last (?) time. When Kate asked about her name on the wall, I loved Jacob’s answer. “It’s just a line of chalk on a cave wall.” (Something like that.) And when he said she wasn’t a candidate because she became a mother, I kinda choked up.
  • Jack stepping up to be the next Jacob – I just liked that he did it.
  • All the sideways life stuff – I like that alternate timeline/universe. Will it converge with the island? I hope so!

I must say that I hope Richard isn’t dead. I was horrified to see him flying through the air at the hand of Smokey. Holy crap!

I’m so sad that the show is ending but it’s been a wild and wonderful ride. I’m glad we stuck with it. I am looking forward to Sunday even as I dread it. I want answers and yet I still hope for a bit of mystery. And I hope it ends with HOPE. 🙂

V – Okay, I know I said that I won’t watch the show if Hobbes is killed off but Joshua is probably a close second as a favorite character for me and when Erica had to shoot him, I was PISSED! It made sense, of course, but DAMN IT! I was glad to see that Joshua was revived in the end. But now I have questions…

  • Hobbes – Who did Marcus find to threaten Hobbes to actually do the V’s bidding? And is Hobbes really doing their bidding? And seriously, does he have to look good doing everything?
  • Ryan – Please tell me he isn’t falling for Anna’s bliss!!! He should have killed her when he had the chance! But does a bit of the Fifth Column rebel still live inside him?
  • Anna – Why is she such a crazy bitch?! Oh, but how I loved how she screamed at the end because of her super soldiers. She was feeling EMOTION and and it shocked her. And then she felt more, all cruel and vengeful. Did sharing with Ryan infect her in some way?
  • Lisa – I’m glad she chose the right side. And I loved her sly smile at her mother’s pain. Does Lisa plan on usurping her mother’s place as Queen?
  • Marcus – Why do I keep thinking (or is it hoping?) that he’s Fifth Column on the super down low? Or maybe he has a totally different agenda altogether? Why did he bring Joshua back to life? Is he going to use him to find the other Fifth Column folks or does he want to use him for something else?

I’m glad to say that I will be watching V when it returns, whenever that may be. I guess we’re supposed to hope that one of the new shows fails so that they bring V back sooner rather than later. As I said before, I will keep watching as long as Charles Mesure is on the show. If they kill off his character, I will dump the show from my watch list.