with a touch of fire

do I miss your smile
eliciting naughty thoughts
with a touch of fire

Spoilers? Maybe.

FRINGE – I love altOliva. She is kick ass! LOL! The season finale was good. My favorite part was Olivia telling Peter that he belongs with her. And then the kiss! Awwwwww! I also enjoyed the banter between William and Walter. Walter was really quick on his feet whilst arguing with William. And I almost cried when William sacrificed himself to get the others back home. But HOLY CRAP, altOlivia is in our universe!!! What’s going to happen? How is Olivia getting back to our world?! Aaaaaack!!!

FlashForward – So many things happened in this ep! I hope the finale brings the show to a proper close. I’m bummed it’s not coming back but so it goes, eh?… I hope the one guy finds Keiko. I hope Mark doesn’t actually die. I hope Dem doesn’t die! I can’t believe Tracy died, poor thing. I want answers!