hot day

when there is nothingno visions to light your wayclose your eyes and rest Oh, what a hot day! 102F again for the high. Ye gods.

hot sunday

your broken promisebreaks this oh so gentle heartbrings you to your knees It was HOT today. To me, 102°F is quite toasty. These are the days I am glad to live in a place with a/c. Yowsa! We watched some of the soccer, had lunch, then decided to go out for a little bit of…

lazy saturday

suddenly the answersbursting forth from the darknesstears with blinding light USA soccer had a good run. Too bad they couldn’t go further. Alas! We headed out to the Bay Area for dinner with my parents. Banchero’s! All the before entree stuff was good: the soup, the garlic bread, the salad. I had lasagna and it…

take a moment first

take a moment firstbefore shouting to heavenall the injustice A short day at work. I love the half day Fridays!!! 🙂 We had dinner at The Game. The pizza there is good.