the desolation

the desolationdarkens the whisper of hopecrumbling into dust We’re watching an old ep of NCIS. Yah!

confess your secrets

confess your secretsthe dark and unrelentinghaunting all your days I got to stuff envelopes today. Took too long and I needed help. Bah!

hot day

when there is nothingno visions to light your wayclose your eyes and rest Oh, what a hot day! 102F again for the high. Ye gods.

hot sunday

your broken promisebreaks this oh so gentle heartbrings you to your knees It was HOT today. To me, 102°F is quite toasty. These are the days I am glad to live in a place with a/c. Yowsa! We watched some of the soccer, had lunch, then decided to go out for a little bit of…

lazy saturday

suddenly the answersbursting forth from the darknesstears with blinding light USA soccer had a good run. Too bad they couldn’t go further. Alas! We headed out to the Bay Area for dinner with my parents. Banchero’s! All the before entree stuff was good: the soup, the garlic bread, the salad. I had lasagna and it…

take a moment first

take a moment firstbefore shouting to heavenall the injustice A short day at work. I love the half day Fridays!!! 🙂 We had dinner at The Game. The pizza there is good.

each step in sunshine

each step in sunshinebrings me closer to darknessthe end of the road Tomorrow is another short day at work. I know, I’m bragging. 😉

so you turn away

so you turn awayforget me in this momentdismissing my tears We’re watching BONES. We’re always watching BONES.