lj, me

dreams and fireworks

bursts of light
high in the sky
set against the night
so heavenly bright
while the breeze blows cool
after a day so hot
the stars watch amused
at the show below

I dreamt that I was in a car with Kevin Rose. We were both on the passenger side and one of my co-workers was driving us somewhere that ended up being Leo Laporte’s house! Kevin was going to give me a business card that had a secret URL and Leo got a little miffed at him but I assured the both of them that I could keep a secret and such. Then Leo started to show me this new gadget but then my sister showed up. It was close to dinner time and I was supposed to drive back home (?) but I figured I would just stay for dinner while Kevin and I chatted about stuff.

Yeah, have no idea where how that dream evolved. lol!

I finally got my fireworks videos uploaded from last night!

I didn’t take pictures of the fireworks, just video clips. So if you’re reading this anywhere but my LJ, the video clips might not show up. 😉

One of these days we might actually watch the Cornfest Fireworks from Cornfest but we can see perfectly well from the park near our house. It’s a lovely sight! 🙂

Here are some photos from our time at Cornfest yesterday…

Cornfest 2010
Cornfest 2010
Cornfest 2010
Cornfest 2010
Cornfest 2010
Cornfest 2010
day190: me and my corn at Cornfest
Cornfest 2010