lj, me

no charm this time around

give me a moment
a split second of perfection
just let me believe
we have forever
give me a moment
a sliver of eternity
just let me smile
while we’re here together
give me a moment
a whisper of yes
just let me pretend
only this is real
give me a moment
a notion of maybe
just let me believe
in everything I feel

So I’m writing this with the intention of copying and pasting it later when we get our internet back. An AT&T tech is here (for the THIRD TIME) to (hopefully!) fix our internet. It’s been intermittent at best these past couple of weeks. We have no idea what’s going on. I will say that it sucks big time. At least I can write on my computer, save it, and get it online later. 😉 Gotta thing positive!

Tomorrow is 1) payday, 2) jeans day, and 3) FRIDAY!!! Now that’s the way to end the week! Getting paid always makes things better, doesn’t it? I think so.

So I’m working on my “list” and I did a search on Carlos Ponce and OMIGOSH, he’s divorced?! WTH?! He was married for 13 years to his high school sweetheart, has four kids with her, and they’re now divorced. What kind of fangirl am I that I didn’t know this sooner? I’m a sucky fangirl. Shame, just a shame.

We’ve been watching A LOT of Veronica Mars and I am besotted (yes, besotted) by Jason Dohring. Is that just wrong or what? He was so young when he did that show! And hey, why doesn’t he have another show? He should have another show! Anyhoo, this isn’t really the first time I’ve seen him on something. We did watch Moonlight after all. I think after we’re done with VM, we should watch Moonlight again. 😉

Well, at least I’m getting this post up. The internet isn’t working the way it should. Alas!