so hot today!

go ahead
flash that smile
let’s pretend
it means everything
no it’s not forever
it’s not even tomorrow
but we can pretend
we’ll fall willing
protecting our hearts
surrendering our souls
reveling in this perfection
one sweet moment
caught in that smile

It’s starting to pick up at work. The days are just a bit busier. Summer break is such a short time with our district. We curse it now but come October we’re happy for those two weeks of fall break. Believe me. 😉

Saw someone from ACSO today! He looked familiar to me and when he looked at me he said, “I know you.” I replied, “SRJ” (but not the acronym, mind you). We talked just a little about the shared former work and then he was gone. It’s a freakin’ small world, I tell ya! 😉 I still can’t remember his name. Ooops!

It was freakin’ triple digits today. YIKES! I do like living out this way a lot but the weather kills it sometimes for me. UGH!

Oh, have I mentioned here that Charles Mesure and Jensen Ackles will be appearing at Comic Con next weekend? Kill me now! I don’t think they’re appearing on the same day but the mere thought that they will be in the same area at roughly the same time sets my fangirl heart aflutter! NO FAIR!!! I hope I find lots of pictures from Comic Con from both the V panel and Supernatural panel.

Hold on! I’m checking out the WB’s Comic Con schedule and it looks like Charles is NOT on it. So, is he going to be there or now? And why do I care so much?! The actual Comic Con schedule still shows him attending. Tell me again why I’m paying so much attention?