sunday musings

if I were there
it would be
like heaven’s gates
opening for me
if I were there
what would I do
follow the light
leading to you
if I were there
would I find my way
to utter the words
I’d want to say
if I were there
laughter would find
my heart so full
the moments only mine

I think I’ve managed to stave off the smothering jealousy of all the folks wandering through Comic Con. It helped to watch G4 yesterday. It didn’t help that I knew a lot of my fellas were there and a couple of them were interviewed on G4. Okay no, it did help but then it didn’t. YE GODS!

Okay, i know that I wouldn’t have been able to see EVERYONE I wanted to see but seriously, let’s look at the fellas that have made or have yet to make their appearance at this year’s Comic Con:

Charles Mesure. He’s been upped to a regular for season two of V. WOOHOO!!! I’m happy! And even happier that I was able to find ONE picture (so far) from yesterday’s autograph session.
Warner Bros., Comic Con 2010, San Diego

I really really really wish I could have been there

Jensen Ackles. He’s supposed to be at the Supernatural panel today (?).

Jared Padaleck. See Jensen above.

Chris Evans. He was there yesterday in support of Captain America. I think he and the others were a bit jetlagged. They had flown in from London. Still, adorable.

Ian Somerhalder. He was there of course for Vampire Diaries. I found one picture of him so far but I don’t have it handy. lol

Karl Urban. He was there for RED as well as Priest. I didn’t realize he would be there until I read an interview on Friday. I didn’t know he would be there. I would LOVE to see him again!!!

Chris Hemsworth. He was there for Thor. Have you seen the picture of him as Thor?
Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Olivia Munn (I LOVE HER) was so cute with Chris H. She asked him if those were his real arms (as Thor) and he said yes. She then introduced herself to him. Flirt! She’s adorable. I love her. Did I say that already? LOL!

And let’s not forget the fellas NOT on my list yet still adored by me: Bruce Campbell, Nathan Fillion, Wil Wheaton, and who knows who else! LOL! If I had been there, I probably would have turn into a sweet puddle of fangirl goo. 🙂 But heck, what a way to go!

Oh, there’s the folks from Eureka, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, Leverage. And let’s not forget the ladies likes Olivia Munn (yeah I want to meet her), Felicia Day, Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin. Yeah, I could go on indeed…

Me = geek