another scorcher

full moon
bright moon
fill my dreams
with your light
cool moon
silent moon
keep me
in your sights
sweet moon
unreachable moon
are you lonely
in the sky
silver moon
beautiful moon
should I take
this chance to fly

Holy crap, it’s freakin’ hot out there! Yes, I will complain about it because I LOVED the more moderate days. And out here we usually get the scorcher types of days (high 90s/low 100s) in the summertime. So I’m *not* loving these couple of days. Oh well, it’ll be over by the weekend.

Oh, my car wouldn’t start after work yesterday. Something to do with the battery, etc. We have to take it into the shop today (waiting for AAA right now so that they can jump it and we can take it). Anyhoo, this meant that I was without a vehicle today, so I walked to work. Yes, I walked to work! Me! LOL! And you know what, it was rather lovely. Halfway through my little over a mile journey I stopped at Starbucks for a frappuccino and I still made it to work in about thirty minutes. This is not bad for someone like me. 😉

All you crazy summer worshipers in the Bay Area, you enjoy this crazy weather.

Oy, Mark Mulder is on TV right now!!! Golf Channel. NEAT! They showed his little ones. Awwwwww!