monday, check!

unraveled by the hesitation
hunted by the desperation
unwilling to capitulate
resisting the surrender
just one more step
toward the future
just one more moment
left in the distant past
picking up the pieces
only memories can last

So, we made it through Monday. This is a good thing. πŸ˜‰

Pre shot

Trying out the Pre. Just for fun. I still have and will probably always have my Droid (until it’s time for the latest and greatest Android handset) but we got a deal and I get to play around with the Pre. For now. My impressions so far:

  • The Pre is small in the hand but comfortable. It’s a bit plasticy but seems durable. It’s not industrial like the Droid. lol!
  • The keyboard is small and the keys have that sticky feel to them. It’s not a bad thing but if you have big thumbs, it might be a problem.
  • The screen is gorgeous! You can make your wallpaper anything and I’ve been going back and forth between my different fellas. At the moment I have a lovely shot of Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore and it makes me want to call the phone Damon. Or Salvatore. lol!
  • The camera is decent. Shots can be taken quickly, which is nice. The video camera is all right.
  • The apps are all right. I’ve downloaded the following: Facebook, TweeFree, Pandora, Wapedia, and Evernote. I wish that there was a camera app like the one I have for the Droid (Vignette) but I haven’t found anything yet. It looks like you can only download apps from the app store. Is that right? I dunno.
  • As a phone, I can hear clearly the other person on the line. Always important for a PHONE. lol!
  • Contacts sync with Google, which just freakin’ rocks. I love that!
  • The multi-media apps work nicely. I kept trying to sync my music with Doubletwist but it wasn’t working correctly. So no playlists for me! I was able to load movies to the phone and they play rather nicely.

If I didn’t know anything about Android and the iPhone was not an option and someone offered me a Pre, I would probably love it to bits. As it is, it’s a decent device. Oh, and it can be used as a freakin’ mobile hotspot. Now that ROCKS!