quiet saturday

I keep this promise
my confession to silence
locked inside my heart

I finished reading Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twilight series. Yah, I’m finished!

I liked the final installment of the series. First off, I liked how we weren’t in Bella’s head for the whole novel. Jacob, though still utterly attached to her, was also a more sympathetic character to follow. I also liked Bella’s transformation. She seemed less whiny somehow. But mostly I enjoyed the other vampires and their stories.

All in all, I’m glad I read the novels just so that I can say I read them. Would I read them again? Not likely.

Ohhhh, STAR WARS is going to be released on blu-ray next year!!!

I wish with an odd fervency that I liked the Pre enough to keep it. It’s so simple, so cute, so easy to use yet customizable. The interface is so clean and responsive. It just doesn’t do enough for me. Alas!

I would like a new Android phone. There, I’ve said it. I bet we could swing it sometime too. There are ways for these things. lol