sunday morning

he breaks her heart
without a thought
taking for granted
all her love
he says good bye
with just a smile
oblivious of the pain
she feels inside
he walks away
without remorse
thinking he knows
this is their course

Watching The Hangover
watching The Hangover last night…

The Prince of Persia – Ignoring the fact that I don’t really care for Jake Gyllenhaal either way, the movie was actually pretty decent. First of all, Richard Coyle was in it! How could I not love the fact that he’s in it? (He was Jeff on Coupling). I was quite pleasantly surprised to see him. I almost didn’t recognize him. It’s a little weird seeing him in a serious role because I haven’t really watched his other work. 😛 Anyhoo, this movie was fun to watch. Fantastic special effects and scenery and such. JG was all right.

Clash of the Titans – I liked it, even though they tweaked the mythology (as well as the cheesey but still fun Clash of the Titans from the 80s) a bit. But hey, I watched Xena and Hercules and if ever there was tweaking of the Greek mythology, that was definitely it. So aside from some tweaking, I enjoyed Clash of the Titans. I cannot help myself, I really like Sam Worthington. It helps that 1) he’s from down under, 2) the first movie I watched with him in it was Somersault which also had Erik Thomson in it, and 3) he’s not bad looking. 😉