bad fangirl

I’m not the one
you think I am
a gentle soul
I’m not the one
before your eyes
soft spoken
even tempered
I am the one
so still and calm
hiding chaos
with a smile

I am a bad fangirl for many reasons, the utmost being NEGLECT.

It wouldn’t surprise me if my adoration is called into question regarding Erik Thomson and Greg Lee. I’ve let their sites sit with nary a change in many many months. It’s not as if I couldn’t at least put everything up that had been up before. And it’s not as if Erik isn’t working. Oh, and it’s not as if I haven’t actually watched both their latest work. I’ve been lazy and there’s not an excuse for it. But I still absolutely adore them and even in my neglect, I am loyal and supportive.

But what about Charles Mesure? What’s my excuse in regards to him? He flew up my list and sits quite nicely up there. So how is it that I didn’t know that his show, THIS IS NOT MY LIFE had begun airing? Oh sure, it’s only airing in New Zealand, but still! And I missed a few very recent articles on him as well. I am a bad bad fangirl.

The articles are interesting and I should put them somewhere. Perhaps make my own Charles Mesure page. Nothing fancy, just a place to house some of the things I find on him. Hmmm, such a thought…