never once more
again to believe
the trance dispelled
heaven stolen
averted from reach
never once more

Is it cheating to use the first line as the last line to finish the thought?

Breakfast at Mimi's

We had breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe. I had the Belgian Waffle breakfast. Mmmmm! Afterwards we did some necessary shopping alΓ‘ Target, then home in time to watch Notre Dame get their asses kicked. I took a nap during most of the game. Alas!


Watched some tv. My thoughts in bullet form! πŸ™‚

  • THE EVENT – Since the pilot ep was free on Amazon On Demand, we watched it. Fine, I’m somewhat hooked. I’ll have to catch the second ep just to be sure. I’m not sure how I feel about all the time jumps. Oh, and character jumps. Got just a bit confusing for me and I can usually keep up. lol!
  • THE BIG BANG THEORY – Probably my favorite of the season premieres so far. SO FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS!!! I guess they’ve got me hooked because of the nerdtastic geekinees (or is it geekstastic nerdiness?). I laughed so much during the ep, especially in regards to the robot hand. Oh my!
  • COUGAR TOWN – I’m not a Jennifer Aniston fan but her turn on CT was great. She was funny. I just love how nuts Jules is and I keep hoping she doesn’t push Grayson away too far. And Travis and Laurie were so cute trying to stay up.
  • MODERN FAMILY – Before TBBT, MF was probably the funniest premiere. And it was quite HILARIOUS as well. The princess castle bit was so funny! And the old car. And Gloria and Manny. Just a great show.
  • FRINGE – I love this show and its crazy mindbending ways but I think this episode seemed more middle of the season. It doesn’t mean I think it was bad, it was great but you definitely have to have followed the show to really appreciate this season premiere. As for the ep itself, I wonder how long Olivia will be in the alt-universe. And how is altOlivia coping in our world? Ye gods!
  • OUTSOURCED – Another free one at Amazon. Funny show! The main guy reminds me of a combination of Jim Halpert (The Office) and Jeff Murdock (Coupling). I know, weird combination. Looks like it has potential. We shall see!

I’m sure there are more. I watch way too much television. πŸ˜›