lj, me

blah because it’s monday

maybe you’re perfect
behind those unsmiling eyes
always watching me

Break is behind us now. It’s a bit sad. Almost everyone was back to work. I got to hear about one co-worker’s time in Maui. Lucky her! My boss had gone to Kauai and someone else had gone to the Big Island. They’re all lucky!!! I want to go to Hawaii!!!


In that thing they call post season baseball, the Giants are going to the NLCS to face the Phillies. On the AL side, the Yankees await the winner of the Rangers/Rays series. I’m not really invested in any of the teams but I don’t mind that there’s still baseball being played in the Bay Area. It would rock to have the World Series out here.

Why am I good about the early part of the week with recaps and so bad with the second half of the week? Here’s what I remember…

Smallville – It was nice seeing Kara. And woohoo, Lois was great in the fetish club. LOL! Is Oliver doing the right thing? Will Clark figure out how to fly? I’m willing to watch and find out. 😉

Stargate Universe – Seriously, this show is so well done yet I feel like it’s a chore to watch it. Isn’t that terrible? I don’t want to drop it because I want to know what’s happening next but a lot of the characters irk me. Last week’s episode was good. Is Rush hallucinating or is Destiny helping him? When is he going to reveal his control of the ship?

Fringe – I like the “Over There” stories just as much as I like the stories here. When will they intersect again? Is our Olivia going to realize her true identity? If so, what will happen then?

Nikita – Devon Sawa was in last week’s episode and he looked different from whatever I had seen him in last. Older for sure, less boyish. And it looks like he’s going to be in this week’s ep too… I wonder how long Alex can be the girl inside Division. Is Michael beginning to see the cracks? Where is this going? I want to know!

Vampire Diaries – Oh Damon, do you really consider the sheriff your friend? I was impressed, I tell you, by his restraint and I found the solution quite genius. I felt so bad for Caroline! And I KNEW Mason was tied up with Katherine somehow. So now, what the heck does that moonstone do and why does Katherine want it?

Bones – I’m on the fence about Booth’s girlfriend. She seems nice but it hasn’t it just all happened too fast? I love the reappearances of the interns and now the depressed guy is not so depressed. LOL!

We also watched another episode of Haven, which I really like for some reason. I think I read it got renewed? I’m glad! Still wondering when V is returning. I hope I don’t have to give up any of my current shows to watch it. But if it must be done, I’ll do it. 😉

this afternoon

I went outside during my lunchtime. It was very warm but the breeze was strong and a little cool.