hump day or so they say

you think you know it
every reason to say no
echoes in your head

We’re lucky if we watch our shows on the day they air. Thank goodness for the DVR and TiVo! 😀

Monday shows:

Hawaii Five-0 – The more I watch, the more I like. Opening with a haka in this week’s episode just made me miss watch my All Blacks rugby. Alas! But the episode was good and I liked the insight into Chin Ho Kelly’s character and family dynamics. I want to know more about his supposed “dirty” past. And Scott Caan is just fantastic as Danny. I love that he’s playing the good cop and loving father. Will we ever see his ex-wife? I hope so! As by the book as Danny is, McGarrett is totally off the cuff and I love it! He seems kinda jerky sometimes but then he shows there’s more beneath that handsome, tough guy person. He’s about justice and doing what it takes. Oh, and he’s easy on the eyes. Have I mentioned that?

Lie to Me – Lightman is a crazy man! I’m glad this show came back early though sorry it was at the expense of the first fallen show of the new season. The episode started with such a quick in that I forgot that we didn’t know what happened to Agent Reynolds. It wasn’t until nearly halfway through the episode that Lightman mentions he severed ties with the FBI. So what happened? It doesn’t matter because the episode took over and we got to witness Lightman’s insane ways. Tim Roth is a freakin’ joy to watch and I hope this show keeps itself steady.

Chuck – I LOVE CHUCK. This week’s episode saw the return of Big Mike, which was fantastic. He was all control and keeping Morgan afloat. He’ll make him a good daddy. LOL! It was great seeing old villain faces (Steve Austin and Nicole Richie). I especially loved how Heather Chandler (Richie) got under Sarah’s skin with all her comments about Sarah and Chuck’s relationship. On the Buy More side, it was great seeing all the nerdsters in line for a game almost all of them wouldn’t be able to buy. Crazy goodness! Oh, and I LOVE CHUCK. 🙂

The Event – I’m watching this show because I like puzzles and mysteries and action. So far this show delivers. I keep thinking I could turn away and stop watching but little bits are getting under my skin and so far no one is really annoying me on the show. Instead, I’m totally intrigued. How much does Sean know and why does he know so much? Why are Sophia and her people here? Where do they come from? And hello, I would have FREAKED out if I had been the guard at the temporary morgue. It’s one thing for one person to awaken but the whole lot of them? Did the word “zombie” ever cross his mind? I think maybe yes because he sounded a bit alarmed when he was calling for back-up. LOL!

Castle – I LOVE CASTLE. I had a bad feeling about Beckett’s old partner but I didn’t realize how much she felt for him until she turned away after lying to Castle that her confession to her old partner was just an act. And Castle’s daughter Alexis is a sneaky one! I wonder if she was always angling to borrow the car. Oh, and Random was funny. I love that I laugh a lot during the show and it keeps me engrossed from start to finish.