lj, me

saturday rain

outside the rain falls
clear from the gathering gray
washing grime away

raining outside
outside the rain falls…

There’s a nice chill in the air and I actually wore a sweatshirt earlier today when we went out for lunch.

lunch at Red Robin
lunch at Red Robin

We had lunch before the lunch crowd streamed through the doors. 🙂 After the bacon cheeseburger (me), we stopped at a few other places just for kicks. Our last stop was the CVS, where I bought some nail polish. I know, so exciting, eh? LOL!


Now, I’m not a Rangers fan by any means but I was still happy for them when they won their game last night. Good for Ron Washington! I’m most happy for him. And it’s really neat that the Rangers get to go to the World Series when they have never been there. Now that’s a good story. 🙂

I swear I’ve watched more baseball this post season than the regular season. I mentioned this before but I think it’s easier to just appreciate the game for itself when you’re not set on a certain team.

On the NL side, I do hope the Giants pull it out because it would be super cool to have the World Series in the Bay Area again. My sister asked if I was cheering against them (because I’m an A’s fan) and I told her of course not. But that doesn’t quite mean I’m cheering for them either. And if Zito doesn’t pitch, I’m probably going to be less inclined to cheer for them in the World Series (should they get there).

First, the good stuff! Shows that have gotten the full season go ahead include: CHUCK, Nikita, Hawaii Five-0, and The Event. Well, those are the shows that I watch but there are more that are getting the full season treatment.

Second, the icky stuff. V‘s second season has been moved to January 4, 2011 and cut to only ten episodes. WTH?! I am not happy about that. Does not bode well for the show. Reading about the new season has gotten me excited about it and if ABC doesn’t even give them a chance to succeed, I’ll be upset. ALAS! I should probably add that I wouldn’t really care this much if Charles Mesure wasn’t a regular on the show (as opposed to recurring last year). Just so we’re clear.

We’re a little behind with our shows at the moment but I will say that I enjoyed this week’s Castle, Hawaii Five-0, Chuck, and Lie to Me. 🙂

while the rain falls...