seriously, where does the time go?

where does the time go
slipping so quick like the tide
ebbing from the shore

Feeling nostalgic because…

Ten years ago today, I met Trevor Guthrie in person. At the time, Trevor was part of the musical group soulDecision and they were opening for Christina Aguilera (main act) and Destiny’s Child (second act). soulDecision had that song, “Faded” out on the airwaves and on MTV and they were the reason the husband and I traveled to Marysville for a concert (although the husband would argue he was there for Destiny’s Child).

While walking the Sleep Train Amphitheatre (a really nice venue, by the way), we stopped to watch a hopeful female singer on a side stage near the refreshments and souvenirs. I scanned the crowd of mostly young females and their parents (mostly mothers) and happened upon a group of young men also watching the young woman on the side stage. Besides being slightly out of place, I realized that the tall, light haired man was Trevor Guthrie from soulDecision! Fangirl me was quite giddy and upon encouragement from the hubby (I have a wonderful husband!), approached Trevor for a little face time. I was decidedly calm (learned this from going to all those Xena conventions and not being a total dork when faced with my favorite fellas) and managed to have a conversation with Trevor.

I had him sign my little blank black book (I still have that somewhere) and we talked about Ryan Gosling because I knew he was friends with him. I asked about what part Ryan sang on the soulDecision songs and Trevor sang it to me (it was from “Feeling You”). I didn’t get a picture with him because I was being a rules abiding kind of person and did not bring my camera. Oh, the regret I feel even now! Alas!

I walked away feeling rather accomplished and I’m sure the husband was quite amused but he was also proud of me. See, I could totally act like a normal person when meeting a favorite artist!

A month later, I would get a phone call from Trevor. But that’s a story I’ll tell next month. 😉

To this day, Trevor Guthrie is still one of my favorites and when he releases more music, I will be paying to download his tracks. soulDecision songs still make me smile and tap my feet and sing along, so I hope to hear more from him someday. Maybe?

And what would I say to Trevor now? Well, I suppose I’d say thank you for that bit of conversation. I love your music even now and I will always smile when I think about that time we met…

Sentimental, aren’t I? LOL!

If you want to read what I wrote after it actually happened, I have the webpage still up here. 🙂