we saw RED

we go down this road
unafraid and so eager
facing the unknown

I saw RED

RED – We actually went to the movies today! YAH! 🙂 And we saw RED because, well, it’s Bruce Willis (so the hubby would say) and KARL URBAN (so I would say). I enjoyed it very much. It was a great mix of action, drama, comedy, romance, and intrigue. Bruce Willis still has that way about him and Karl Urban was absolutely wonderful. WONDERFUL, I say! He had a good part too. Lots of scenes, which just tickled me to no end.

verdict: FOUR and half popcorn buckets out of FIVE. 🙂

After the movie we had lunch at Grazie Grille, our first time there. I had the salad with flatiron steak. It was pretty good! The steak, cooked to medium, was just right. Mmmmm!

lunch at Grazie's
lunch at Grazie's

A little pricey for lunch time but nice enough for once in awhile. 🙂

After lunch we went scuttled over to Target for some stuff, then headed home. I know, what an eventful day. But hey, we were out of the house before noon and that’s pretty good for us. LOL!

look of the day
look of the day