World Series thoughts

 World Series 2010 

I will make no predictions. I just want an exciting series. Take it to a game seven, I don’t care! (Well, I will care if they get in the way of my television shows… lol!)

I don’t think I’ll cheer against any team. Whichever team hoists up that World Series trophy will deserve it. They’re both in the series for a reason and in my inexpert eyes, they are evenly matched.

So has my heart in this series?

Well, I would have given it to the Giants except they’ve decided to not play Barry Zito. I’m an A’s fan and as such I always have a special place in my heart for certain former A’s players. I have one for Zito because 1) I have a picture with him and he’s touching my hair, 2) he was fantastic when he pitched for the A’s (probably should put that first), 3) he’s a freakin’ Cy Young Award winner, 4) he did an episode of JAG with a friend of mine. How do you bench a Cy Young Award winner? How do you bench one of your highest paid players? (Is he the highest paid on the Giants? I don’t know, I don’t really follow them.) I understand there are reasons to bench Zito, I just don’t like the reasons. He’s a good guy and he’ll support his team but if they should win the whole thing, won’t the feel of that ring feel just a little false?

And I do not think it’s “wrong” to not cheer for them. Just because I live in the Bay Area doesn’t mean I’m an automatic “homer” for all the sports teams. How gross would it be if I were both a 49er fan and Raider fan? (For the record, I’m a 49er fan.) So it is with baseball. I’m an A’s fan with mostly indifference for the Giants. I’ve nothing against them and I was hoping they’d get to the World Series but no one could ever accuse me of being a bandwagon fan. Sure, I like Zito but that’s because he was on the A’s.

So the Giants don’t really get my heart in this series. Will I be sad if they win? Heck no! It’ll be a good thing for the team and the fans and the city. I follow a lot of Giants fans on Twitter and I’d love to read their exclamations of joy. For them, I do hope the Giants win. (But if the Giants do take it, I hope not to hear any crap about my A’s from anyone since I don’t dish out any crap about the Giants. I can hope, right?)

Does this mean the Texas Rangers get my heart? The Rangers are in the same division as my beloved A’s and they were damn good this season. Truth be told, I didn’t follow them very much, I just knew they were kickin’ ass in the AL West. I did watch them in the post season and they impressed me ever so much. What really grabs at me is their manager, Ron Washington. If you don’t already know this, he was forever a coach on the Oakland Athletics. When he got the job in Texas, it was good thing for him. I seriously almost cried when the Rangers won that last game against the Yankees. Seeing Wash and his team explode with joy was so freakin’ heartwarming and reminded me why I’m a baseball fan. Who doesn’t want to see a team try for its first ever World Series? This is history!

So the Rangers could have my heart for this series. They’ve already wormed their way to my good graces and I hope good things for them. If they do win, let it be on their own turf and not in San Francisco.

Both the Giants and the Rangers have a chance to bring a first-ever World Series Championship to their respective cities. So regardless of who wins, history will be made.

Good luck to them both! LET’S PLAY BALL!!!