an extra hour ftw!

watching the rain fall
while the dark gray clouds part ways
the sun moves to shine

How did that extra hour work out for you? I’m not sure if I feel rested or not but I definitely feel slightly rejuvenated even though twas a gray and rainy day.

We headed out early. Our first stop was the mall so that I could get a new battery installed for my watch. We had a little bit of time to kill so we headed to the Sprint store so that I could touch my upcoming phone. I also checked out some accessories. All this window shopping makes me anxious for my actual phone! LOL!… We also stopped by the My Pillow Pets kiosk. So cute! I bought a turtle for a little girl in Atlanta. 😉

After the mall, we headed over to celebrate the birthday of the two year old niece, A. Good times, very good times…

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a day with the girlsa