like a thursday

the fallen darkness
strips away any comfort
leaving only fear

We have a three day work week this week. Most glorious! 🙂

I have entered a period of tech deprivation, specifically mobile phone deprivation.  As in, no smartphone for an unspecified amount of time, hopefully not more than two week.

It’s probably a good thing no one really calls me besides family.  I will miss getting all those tweets but I can always go online to read those.  I can also go online to read my texts if everyone decides to text me.  But for the most part, I am kickin’ old school with an old cell phone that plays “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” when I get a call.

Sunday was my first real day of going out without a smartphone.  The thing I really missed was not being able to take a picture and email it right away.  Oh, and catching a glimpse of my twitter feed or facebook wall had to wait until I got home.

I should feel free and unfettered but instead I feel just a little lost and disconnected.  A smartphone can be such a welcome distraction and now I don’t have that distraction.  I also miss having my smartphone on hand when watching television and something comes up that I want to check on the internet.  Instead of the phone being close by, I have to go to my computer.  It’s inconvenient, especially since I’m lazy and like having the ability to get information right at my fingertips.

I should also be glad to be less connected at this point because it’s National Novel Writing Month.  Although I have noticed I’m writing more, I seem to be writing more “essays” (like this one) as opposed to my novel this month.  I have a long weekend coming up, so hopefully I can do some writing and it will keep my mind off the fact that I don’t have a smartphone at the moment…

holli goodness
holli cares not for my lack of tech