so very nearly friday

anticipation stirs
quivering with sweet delight
vivid with promise

Want to read about my first impressions of the Epic 4G? Sure you do! 🙂

First of all, let me just say how ANXIOUS I was to get this phone. I endured a week or so of being without a smartphone and apparently I’m not made to do that anymore. Yipes! I am very glad to have this phone in hand now because it seriously ROCKS!

The GOOD… The screen is beautiful and very responsive. Oh, and FAST. The camera is fantastic and takes quick shots (which I love), the camcorder seems very nice (haven’t done a lot of vids yet). The keyboard is great and even though I very much like Swype, I find myself using the keyboard more. The phone is a bit large but feels fine in hand. Call quality is good. Video watching is glorious! I loaded some of my favorite movies and they look wonderful on the screen. And of course, having my email, contacts, and calendar sync with my Google account simply rocks.

The MEH… I’m experiencing okay battery life but I’m hoping after a few days it’ll work itself out to be a little better than the Droid. Going back Android 2.1 is a bit disheartening but the UI almost makes up for it. Still, wouldn’t mind having Froyo anytime. 😉 It’s also a bummer that I can’t have certain contacts go straight to voicemail like I could with the Droid. Also, there’s no option of having the camera button open a different camera app besides the default one. Or I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

Comparing the Droid and the Epic 4G

the Droid & Epic 4G
the Droid & the Epic 4G

As you can see, the Epic is larger than the Droid, most especially screenwise. The Droid runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) where as the Epic 4G is Android 2.1 (Eclair). The cameras are both 5 MP but the Epic 4G is definitely faster in terms of taking and saving pictures. The Epic 4G’s camcorder is always faster and more responsive.

Epic 4G
sporting a wallpaper of one Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore

I’ve read that a darker wallpaper helps on the battery life for the Epic 4G, hence Mr. Somerhalder. So far battery life seems the same as the Droid but as I said before I’m hoping for better as the days pass. (I’ve noticed that battery life improves after a few days with my recent phones.)

Epic 4G
nice keyboard

I definitely like the keyboard on the Epic 4G compared to the Droid. The Epic’s keys are larger and more tactile. Having Swype built in to the Epic 4G is great as well, for those times I might not want to pop the keyboard open.

I am extremely satisfied with the phone at this point. It’s a little strange to be back on Sprint after all the crap we endured before but as long as we don’t have to deal with customer service, I suppose we’ll be fine. We have good coverage here in East Contra Costa County, so no complaints. Also, the monthly plan is decent.

my first McRib

mint truffle kisses
mint truffle kisses rock!

I will take pictures of almost anything, eh? 😉