lj, me

oh monday

just the thought of you
so close I can hear you breathe
keeps me warm inside

I LOVE Christian Kane’s song “Let Me Go.” I don’t know what it is but I can’t stop listening to it!

I should really decide if I’m going to one of the conventions next month. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go to the Xena convention and have a photo op with Charles Mesure. Yes, I want to see him more than I want to see Jensen Ackles. What happened to me?! It would be so much easier (though hella more expensive) to go to the Supernatural convention. And then I could FINALLY meet Jensen and take a picture with him. But seriously, as much as I ADORE him, is it worth 9 to stand beside him for a picture? Oh, and if I really want to splurge, is it worth 9 to be the meat in a Jensen and Jared sandwich? (Just writing that made me giggle. LOL!)

I think I’ll probably not do either convention and just hope someone spectacular is a guest at WonderCon and try to get a picture with him. My dearest wish at this point is that the cast of V appears at WonderCon and for some reason Charles has some autograph or photo op time. I wonder if I can wish hard enough for that to come true.

I’m such a crazy fanchick. I need help.