lj, me

chilly and misty day off…

reach up for the stars
don’t ever forget your dreams
let them spur you on

misty morning
misty morning
misty morning
how misty the morning…

I couldn’t resist taking some shots of the misty morning… 🙂

A quick tech review!

size comparison
my Epic 4G and my HP Mini side by side

HP Mini 210-2170NR – My first netbook! I’ve had my eye on a netbook for awhile. I like the thought of something small that can be carried anywhere. And should I ever make my phone a hotspot, I can be connected from anywhere.

The GOOD – The netbook is small in hand but solid. The display is lovely and easy on the eyes. The keyboard is spacious. Getting on the internet is quick and everything works the way it should. The netbook comes with Windows 7 Starter which is new for me but easy to navigate. The webcam seems to function decently with Google Talk within Gmail and Skype. The battery lasts mostly as long as I need for it to last when the netbook isn’t plugged in. Videos look great and music sounds good.

The Meh – The netbook isn’t exactly a speed demon but I know I shouldn’t expect it to be such. Playing Cafe World on it is a bit torturous. LOL! The webcam is functional but not high quality. Windows 7 Starter is a bit bare minimum. I can’t even change the wallpaper on my desktop! What the heck?!

The goods outweigh the mehs in regards to this netbook. I’d love to take this out somewhere. I might be tempted to even turn on the mobile hotspot on my phone someday. LOL!

The video I created in my previous post was done on the netbook and it didn’t take forever to make, so good for me. 😉

My verdict = I like it!