right before your eyes

how far did you fall
before the light shone so bright
right into your eyes

Today was the Xena convention. I wish I had been there. Alas. I hope I find pictures from the convention that include Charles Mesure. So far, just one. 😛

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is shaping up to be as interesting and riveting a series as Spartacus. I really like seeing some of the characters in a different light. And watching some NZ shows as I do, I’ve spotted two actors from This Is Not My Life. Oh, and next week an actor from Hercules is guesting. (He played older version Jason on the show.)

Watched The King’s Speech. LOVED the small scene between Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Made me want to watch Pride and Prejudice. LOL! Great film and I hope Colin Firth keeps winning those awards. 🙂