cool sunshine

are you so alone
forgotten and cast aside
you can’t find your way

The weather was calmer wind-wise today but still a bit chilly though clear and bright. Pretty day!

More things TV…

V – Another good episode. I feel the cloud of uncertainty regarding V and it’s prospects for a third season. I hope it makes it but what if it doesn’t? How am I going to get my Charles Mesure fix?!… Anyhoo, the episode was good. It was great seeing Nicholas Lea again. Elizabeth Mitchell is one lucky lady with her co-stars. Everyone is gorgeous! Even the other ladies are stunning. On a superficial note, it was nice seeing Charles Mesure all gussied up in a dark suit to do some sharp shooting. Yowsa. πŸ˜‰

Working Class – We caught up on this show the other night. I mostly wanted to watch it because of Patrick Fabian. It’s a cute show! I wouldn’t mind more Patrick Fabian. πŸ˜‰ Melissa Peterman is a hoot!

I have The Hangover on tv right now. I love this movie!

Tech stuff!

So, the hubby has a Blackberry now. He was rockin’ the EVO, which is now free for me to use. As much as I like my Epic 4G (and I do like it very much), the whole no Froyo is starting to get on my last nerve. So I’m thinking of trying out the EVO. I keep checking out different reviews to see if it’s worth going through the switch. I like have choices…

And while sitting outside to enjoy the sunshine, I took the following pic:
Middle of the week

LLAP. πŸ™‚

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