Friday goodness

you will get over
rejection’s bittersweet sting
once you let it go

We had our quarterly lunch today! And to celebrate the Super Bowl, the afternoon was tailgate themed. 😉

football theme
football theme
football theme

The best thing about our luncheons is that they usually last longer than my normal lunchtime, which is always welcome to me. LOL! And of course there’s the food. 🙂

Some of us were quite lively and it was fun sitting there and just relaxing. I always enjoy our luncheons.

football themefootball theme

I’m leaning towards cheering for a team. Can you guess which one? 😉

2 thoughts on “Friday goodness

  1. That is the neatest cake! First, it’s cupcakes all iced together — you can just grab one or three without slicing. Then the perspective of the drawing is from high in the endzone as the (deflated lol) ball sails over the goalpost. I don’t think about creative cakes that much, but somebody does!

  2. I can’t even bake, so I always appreciate a good cake or cupcake, even more if they’re creative. LOL

    The cupcake was yummy!

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