nothing is sweeter

nothing is sweeter
than this moment in your arms
forever’s embrace

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena – I am really enjoying this show. The latest episode saw the appearance of Batiatus’ father Titus, played by Jeffrey Thomas. It’s a kick seeing actors from Hercules and Xena. 😉 We’ve hit the halfway point of the prequel and I know that I will be very sad when there isn’t anything Spartacus related on television. Where else am I going to get an almost poetic mix of brutal bloodshedding and decadent debauchery?

Chuck – We watch this show at nearly real time. I hope that counts. Last night’s ep featured an actress who’s also on Spartacus! Lesley-Ann Brandt was decidedly more dressed on Chuck than she is on Spartacus. LOL! Oh, and great episode, as usual! 😉

Vampire Diaries – This show is probably my guiltiest pleasure. I absolutely love Ian Somerhalder as Damon. He’s delicious, seductive, sometimes self deprecating, and dangerous. Dear me, what a combination. My favorite line of his from the last episode I watched was, “I’m not that tall.” (A woman said that he was tall, dark, and handsome.) CUTE!

Castle – Love Nathan Fillion! And that is all.

Oh, I received a goody package today!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you [info]wahlee!!! Besos!