a techie day for me

I woke up to the Froyo update waiting on my Epic! Most wonderful! I started the update, took my shower, and when I was finished the update was complete. Groovay! 😉

I had a half day of work. Woohoo! I had enough to keep busy for the four hours but nothing that overwhelmed me. Before I knew it, it was 12pm and time to head out the door. Nice!

After the hubby came home, we went out to Best Buy for 1) the smart cover for the iPad and 2) a new e-reader for me!

We settled on the gray smart cover for the iPad. Looks great and is a wonderful complement to the device. Now I can hold the iPad less gingerly as I kept thinking I was going to drop it at some point. Ye gods!

I had been pondering between the latest Kindle and the Nook Color. I read a bunch of reviews and comparisons and finally decided on the Kindle. And so far I do not regret it. The Kindle is light and easy on the eyes. I feel as though I’ve abandoned the Nook and I suppose that I have but as a dedicated reading device, the Kindle will suit me better, I think. Maybe I’ll do a more in depth write-up later. 🙂

All in all it was a lovely Friday…